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Sorcerer Stone

wip, feel free to drop me, anirocks99, anything that pertains to HP1 and a guide for it

Glitches and tricks:

 Sorcerers/Philosophers Stone:

  • When heading to the first class, it is possible to walk around the trigger for the Hermione cutscene by hugging the left wall.
  • Standing on a gold pot, then knocking it over, makes it hitbox higher. You can use this to jump higher than usual (allows for some extra skips)
  • It is possible to activate the superjump cheat without typing it with a very precise jump at a corner. Video coming soon.

Chamber of Secrets:


Getting Started

 Before embarking on your epic journey through this game, there are a couple of things you should be aware of before starting runs of this game.

 1.) Set your game file shortcut to open the game in windowed mode. 

 2.) Make sure that your fps is limited, and set to 60. This is the native fps of the game in full screen mode.

 3.) If your graphics card can't handle the pixels, open the game upto the main menu and follow these steps: Options > Video > Software Renderer.


General Routes:



How to time your runs for the PC version of Chamber of Secrets:

Since this game loads at different speeds based on your computer specs, a few rules must be followed:

'Loading' screens, 'saving game' screens, and screens that say 'skipping cutscene' are not counted into your final time.

you must remove these loads manually by watching your run and timing your loads, then removing them from your time.

Windowed mode and frame limiting: 

  • you must limit your fps when in windowed mode to stop it from spiking


                    Glitches & Tricks

Whomping Willow

  • Flippendo blocks that can be pushed around and stood on top of can be used to generate large amounts of momentum. Listed here is an example of it in the Whomping Willow area of the game.


  • during the Rictusempra challenge, part of the pit can be skipped by standing on the ledge and jumping to the other side:



  • During the skurge challenge, you perform a moving block launch (MBL) on the flippendo block in the room with the first challenge star.

  • During the Skurge challenge, the basement section after hitting the switch can be skipped


  • During the Skurge challenge, the scale room can be skipped by walking along the edge of the scale.

Bicorn Horn

  • During the bicorn horn quest, you can skip the rotating platform rooms by jumping around and landing on the corners. 

Boomslang Skin

  • During the boomslang skin quest, you can skip almost all of the challenge by hitting one of the mushrooms, standing on it, and jumping to the ledge.

Essence of Goyle

  • the cutscene with dumbledore can be skipped: 

  • an alternate Dumbledore cutscene skip can be found here:  

Slytherin Commonroom

  • The Slytherin Commonroom Bridge puzzle can be skipped via 2 different methods, the easier of the two is shown below:



  • You can Skip most of the flipendo block section with a well placed strafe left:

  • You Can Skip nearly half the challenge with a well placed spongify jump:




  • Using Pixie Proxy/Well timed Spongify/Jump, you can skip the giant central room, saving 20 seconds
  • By staying to the right on the long bridge and strafing at the right time, you can stand on an invisible ledge and walk across saving nearly a minute





  •  it is possible to get out of bounds in the castle grounds, right near the quidditch pit. No use for this has been discovered.

  • A current theory for avoiding the fake /double input in the Spell Arrow Keys teaching section is to [insert working theory here]
  • if you grab a gnome and stand in a corner, you can throw the gnome out of bounds. By doing this, you can make it impossible to 100% the game. This trick has no use.
  • Sometimes when you climb a ledge, Harry gets forced upwards above the platform 



Prisoner of Azkaban

Getting Started

Before embarking on your epic journey through this game, there are a couple of things you should be aware of before starting runs of this game.

1.) Set your game file shortcut to open the game in windowed mode. 

2.) Make sure that your fps is limited, and set to 60. This is the native fps of the game in full screen mode.

3.) If your graphics card can't handle the pixels, add the -c Tag to the shortcut target in order to run the game in software render (optional)

4.) Open your volume mixer and drag the game audio right down in the mix. Then boost the audio in-game to about mid levels.



^The ending for this route is not very good, working on improving it

list of cauldron cakes, courtesy of keymakr:

If you wish to play the game using the Spanish sound files, thanks to Ento for the Spanish Text/Speech here, rename the file from alldialog.spa_uax to your parent file name locating in the "/sounds" file in your game directory. Then replace the existing file with this file.

Glitches and tricks:

Carpe Retractum Exploits

  • It is possible to cross big sections of Both the Challenge and the Final Exam using "Tarzan" which is an exploit in which if Harry Jumps/walks off a platform while a Carpe Retractum spell is active, the game overcompensates for no floor and either launches Harry in the air(Jumping Tarzan) or across long distances(Running Tarzan). A Lather of videos and skips are located below:


Goblet of Fire (GBA)

Timing starts when you create your file/ends on last hit to voldemort


Harry has the most attack, second most speed, and lowest defence.

Ron has the second most attack, most speed, and second most defence.

Hermione has the lowest attack, lowest speed, and highest defence.

Because of her low attack/speed, Hermione is a bad character choice. it is currently unknown whether Ron or Harry is the better choice, Ron may be slightly better because of the speed advantage, and Harry is still controlled by the game in levels. the movement difference between Ron and Harry is minimal, but it adds up over time.


the text is very fast and can be mashed through, but there are a few text boxes that cannot be mashed past. Italian might be better, but still needs to be tested.


Quidditch World Cup:

fairly straightforward, no tricks here.

Defence Against the Dark Arts:

slow level, lots of waiting. no tricks here.

Forbidden Forest:

when an item you can grab with Wingardium Leviosa is behind a burnable bush, you can drag the item through the bush without burning it.

salamanders suck and are dicks, make sure you stand near the water when fighting them. due to Wingardiums low movement distance, if you are too far from the water and the salamander will escape, restarting the fight.


Routing is still a WIP, if anyone wishes to assist in routing, let me (slayerkid13) know.